Félix Nitiwé


Félix Nitiwé is born on April 14 1977 in Douala, Cameroon. His father is a secretarial teacher and his mother a seamstress and restaurant owner.

Félix is the second child among with 4 other brothers and sisters. Hyperactive at his young age, his father couldn’t tolerate his character and at age of 6, he goes to live in the country (Dschang at west of Cameroon) beside his mother.

Beside her he develops his talent in the arts, as drawing, the theater, she teaches him to cook as he lives alone with his grandmother and, in Africa, we teach children early (especially those of the country) to manage on their own, This how Felix will learn to do alone. Then years later he will join his parents in Douala after travelling the towns of Ngaoundéré (north of Cameroon) Koutaba (west of Cameroon) and Yaoundé (center of Cameroon). The reunion amongst his own allows him to attend the prestigious Alfred Asker College of Douala Which gives an important place in dramatic art, plastic and literature.

Strong in his involvement for pre-school activities, in 1994 Félix would lead the theater group of this college. In 1995 he invents a new style literature named “LE CINÉMA EN LETTRES”. “Le cinéma en lettres” was a literary style which was to gather titles of films for telling stories and this style became very popular with the youth and the authorities have seen in this style a way to inspire the young people to read.

The pamphlet of 8 pages sold for more than one million copies. In an instant success, he began to be very popular in Cameroon among with the colleges, also international and mainly more in Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso.

Strongly in success, he would be invited to FESPACO (Pan-African festival of Ouagadougou Cinema) in February 1999 to present his skills and the cultural French center of Benin gave him a chance to participate on an internship of African authors with the intention to edit three books of the collection “le caméléon vert”, destined for the young French generation. At the age of 22 years only, he became the youngest of all great authors already known. Against all expectations, he surprises the jury with his little book “Drôles de jumelles” which speaks of young albinos kids discrimination on black continent. It is how he happened to be to youngest writer of this “Édicef published collection in Paris and appeared to all “la francophonie” in the year of 2000. It is as well he reaches the status of authorship.

In 2000, he obtains a D.E.C. in philosophy at Cotonou in Benin. He then subscribes as a student in French literature in bachelor’s degree at “L’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières”. Accepted, he removes his suitcases for the fall session in 2001. For the lack of revenue, Félix would not complete his bachelor’s degree. He returns to Montreal to attempt as freelance writer in the design of television at “Canal Vox” and it is how he obtained his first contract after approval of two known TV programs and presented by himself on the air of “Canal Vox”. It is the programs of “JOUEZ LA DIFFÉRENCE” co-animated with Chantal Lavoie in 2004 and “LA CUISINE D’AILLEURS” in 2005.

With “JOUEZ LA DIFFÉRENCE”, Félix allowed all communities issued from the immigration to be known throughout a television quiz sponsored by “Touriste Québec” and throughout “LA CUISINE D’AILLEURS”, Félix plunged his microphone and cameras directly in the kitchen of all world restaurants that we can find in Montreal to finally show how popular meals are made.

Tired of Montreal city noise, Felix launches in a quest of self-improvement, moves back to Rimouski in 2007 and creates by November 2008, “Sauces et Trempettes Inc.”, his company specialized in the manufacture of sauces and healthy dips. It is inspired by the Dr. Richard Béliveau and Denis Gingras on “Les Aliments contre le cancer” published in 2006 that he will design of products on the basis of oriental spices, African, South American such (Turmeric, cumin, Curry, paprika, Chile, ginger, quinoa, hemp seed, seeds of brown linen, dried tomatoes, herbs, garlic flower, spinach, garlic, honey, chili, onion powder) and also will add an expensive product from Québec, such as maple syrup to make his sauces. This product name is: “La Trempette à Barrette de Rimouski”. It sounded country and made everyone laugh but Félix knew where he was going. He would not change the name, no matter what the critics.

The success is imminent. The chain of Metro GP in the Lower St. Lawrence and Quebec opens him doors to their stores, thanks to the Sale’s Director, Mr. Harold Beaulieu, completely seduced by the originality of the product by its taste and simple part of its rich quality and ingredients, purpose of its use, meaning with “Les Trempettes à Barrette de Rimouski”, It can accompany our raw vegetables, but also our fondues, our “raclettes”, our sushi’s, our sandwiches, our grilled meats, brief there is no limits, it can let go our imagination.

The recognition is there, the most respected magazine “Protégez-vous” in its edition of July 2009, places “La Trempette à Barrette Légère” in the list of the best dips in Quebec. In November 11, 2009, it appeared on the front page of the daily “L’avantage de Rimouski”. It is now recognized and all the corner grocery stores begin to open the doors.

In December, 2010, it is in turn of the doctor in nutrition Isabelle Huot to be seduced by these sauces and their workmanship feature because Felix does all alone and made by hand. She especially notices the quality of the ingredients Felix uses in his sauces and it’s the “Trempette à Barrette 100% curcuma” that emerged to be the star of the program “Salut Bonjour!” on TVA channel. There is an unexpected free publicity that will put Felix in an awkward position since all households who watched the TV show now requires the products in all the supermarkets across the province. For a very large request, Felix feels compelled to leave Rimouski in order to better respond and then moves forward to be installed in Saint-Hubert, South shore. He is no longer alone; ten employees support the department in his efforts. It will increase from three flavours in 2009 to 11 in 2014 and 35 markets to more than 800. A true fairy tale!

In 2017 “Sauces et Trempettes Inc.” became a respectable business having even a branch in Cameroon. “Les Trempettes à Barrette» are marketed in Africa under the name: “Mayonnaise Canadienne” and they are also exported to France under the name of “Mayonnaise Camerounaise”.

Concurrently with its functions of President and Director of Sales and strategies at “Sauces et Trempettes Inc.”, Felix is also an author-composer and performer. In 2013, he puts an album of 12 pop songs in French on the market and even offers 5 performances in Montreal either at the “Festival des nuits d’Afrique“, by two times, and he presents to the “Place des Arts(Salle Claude Léveillée)”, at the “Olympia” and in the “Salle Oscar Peterson”. His song “Amoureux de toi” is around 200 000 Views on youtube and the same song reaches the No. 1 hit at “Radio à Yaoundé” in his country during 16 weeks. He has also offered several concerts in his country the Cameroon. Félix in his musical works is mid-way between Francis Cabrel, Yannick Noah, Daniel Bélanger or even Corneille. For projects, Félix has plenty in mind. Follow us on our Facebook page: “Trempettes à Barrette”.

Félix Nitiwé
Félix Nitiwé